Mosquito-Flea-Tick Services

Mosquitos, fleas, and ticks can be a major nuisance for homeowners during the summer when so much time is spent outdoors. If you have children or pets, these pests can especially be problematic for health and safety reasons. Some of the diseases commonly carried by these pests include Lyme disease, Tapeworm, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, among many others. Because these insects are known to transmit disease, it’s critical to get any form of infestation under control as quickly as possible. Fortunately, there are many preventative treatments that can control these potentially dangerous parasites so they don’t cause harm to you and your family.
***Please note we offer yard defense services as a one-time treatment for special outdoor events, such as graduation parties and weddings. Service needs to be performed one week in advance. To learn about pricing for a one-time yard defense treatment, please contact us directly.
Our mosquito-flea-tick yard treatments can effectively keep your yard free or pests during the summer months. This service is provided as a monthly treatment May through September through eco-friendly or conventional application methods. Our specialized mosquito control services prevent annoying mosquito bites while ensuring your family and pets are safe from tick and flea bites. For fleas, we perform a complete to the interior areas of your home or unit. Secondary treatment may be needed, but it is just as important to vacuum multiple times per day to pick up eggs, live and dead fleas, and stimulate egg capsules to hatch. Rarely do over the counter flea bombs resolve an issue. Our yard defense service can be used alone or in conjunction with home treatments to reduce populations of mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks in your yard. This service is carefully applied to any yard perimeter and non-flowering green vegetation, reducing populations of these insects where they roost during the day.

Warmer days will cause mosquitoes to seek cool and shady areas, whereas ticks and fleas will seek taller vegetation to find a host. We will always review your property prior to treatment to ensure we don’t treat any flowering vegetation or edible vegetation, and that we do not disrupt pollinators or any non-target pests. It is also important to mow your yard prior to service to reduce flowering weeds, such as white clover. Additionally, we will make recommendations around your property to reduce standing water where mosquitoes will breed. This service is recommended as a monthly application during the months of May through September to ensure effective, long-term results throughout the season. As always, this service comes with unlimited callbacks on a maintenance schedule.

At Optimum Pest Pros, we will handle every step of extermination with extreme caution. From initial appointment to final follow-up visits on your property, you can feel confident all services will be provided in a safe and effective manner. With all our services, we guarantee satisfactory results or you may cancel at any time. Take back your yard this summer and enjoy the outdoors with peace of mind! If you have issues with mosquitos, ticks, and fleas on your property, contact Optimum Pest Pros today by calling (585) 710-2364. We’ll be happy to schedule an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you. 

We always aim to answer all our customers’ questions and provide the most detailed information prior to services. One of our licensed and trained technicians will perform a complete assessment of your property and deliver a pest control treatment plan that provides long-lasting results in a safe and efficient manner.