Bald-faced Hornets

With a close resemblance to yellowjackets, bald-faced hornets have black bodies and white faces. Bald-faced hornets tend to be extremely aggressive toward humans and can cause very painful and even deadly stings. Typically, initial signs of infestation include a nest above ground and flying hornets nearby.

Optimum Pest Pros has pest control services designed to effectively control, prevent, and eliminate bald-faced hornets on any property. Our treatment plan first consists of sealing up any openings or cracks in which the hornets can enter. We then assess the nest during the day and remove it at night when the majority of hornets are sheltered inside it. This maximizes the extermination process and ensures the most hornets are removed at once.

As one of Rochester’s most reputable extermination companies, Optimum Pest Pros specializes in many effective treatment services for bald-faced hornets. Our trained and licensed technicians will customize a treatment plan for your property based on our assessment and findings. With any treatment plan, our technicians perform a follow-up visit to evaluate the results and confirm that all infestation issues have been fully resolved once services are completed.

It’s important to never attempt to remove a bald-faced hornet nest by yourself! When aggravated, bald-faced hornets will quickly attack and cause harm. If you suspect the presence of bald-faced hornets anywhere on the exterior or interior of your home or building, always call a licensed professional to evaluate the situation and conduct a safe and effective extermination.

To learn more about bald-faced hornet pest control services, please contact Optimum Pest Pros at (585) 710-2364 and let one of our expert technicians address all your concerns. We’ll be happy to discuss our services with you in detail and recommend the best extermination solutions for your property’s needs.