Carpenter Ants

Did you know carpenter ants are among the largest ants in the United States? Carpenter ants range from 3.4 to 13 mm long, usually black in color (though some are reddish or yellowish), and very commonly cause infestation issues in homes and businesses. Carpenter ants often excavate damp or rotten wood to build their nests. The food source for a carpenter ant is the moisture and sugars within the wood, not the wood itself. The wetter and more rotted the wood is, the better. A newer deck or build will generally not attract this wood destroying insect. Often, the first sign of a carpenter ant infestation indoors can be a chewing sound coming from inside the wood areas where a nest is located. Other signs of an infestation can include ant sightings, deceased ant body fragments, or frass accumulation (fine wood shavings/dust and debris from the ant activity).

Optimum Pest Pros specializes in many carpenter ant control treatments for homeowners and business owners. We implement a multi-step process with the goal of controlling carpenter ant problems and preventing future infestation. Prior to any treatments, we will fully inspect all affected areas of your property to locate the colony. Even if we can’t pinpoint the exact location of the nest, we will implement an interior treatment and an application to the property that will start killing wandering ants and resolve the issue quickly. Our technicians will use specific baits and commercial grade applications to control the ants and help eliminate the problem. After the initial treatment is completed, we will implement an exterior barrier treatment around the perimeter of your property. This serves as an application that can be a long-term solution that both knocks down active nests and aids in preventing new ants from entering your home or building.


When it comes to ant control, Optimum Pest Pros focuses on delivering the most preventative measures for our customers’ ant infestation problems. There are several types of ant pest control treatments that we utilize. These treatments can include bait, liquid residual sprays, seals for minor exclusion to various cracks and openings, and habitat modifications. Our team of experienced and trained pest control technicians will implement a customized solution that will control the ants and prevent future infestations. With a reputation for excellence, Optimum Pest Pro’s technicians are knowledgeable about all types of ant species and the best ant control treatment options.

As one of the region’s most reputable pest control companies, Optimum Pest Pros is a local family-owned, full-service pest and vegetation management company specializing in all types of extermination methods. Our technicians are fully insured and licensed to handle all your pest control needs, no matter how big or small. We are committed to providing professional expertise that addresses your pest control problems effectively and efficiently.

If you think you have carpenter ants in your home or business, contact the ant extermination experts at Optimum Pest Pros. You can reach us directly at (585) 710-2364 to schedule an appointment.