Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees appear similar to bumble bees in appearance without the yellow markings. There are several different types of carpenter bee species in the U.S. and hundreds throughout the world. The most common sign of carpenter bee infestation are holes chewed into the bottom or backsides of wood where they create tunnels to their larvae.  These holes appear perfect in shape, as if the hole was created by a drill bit. Sawdust below hole will also reveal active bore holes.

Optimum Pest Pros specializes in carpenter bee pest control and can customize an extermination plan that addresses your problem. We will first complete a thorough examination of your property, inspecting all areas of noticeable damage as well as the perimeter of your building for holes.  We will then devise a plan to control and prevent infestation. Typically, our treatment of carpenter bees consists of repairing and sealing of any cracks or crevices throughout your home or building’s foundation and walls.

If you’re experiencing infestation of carpenter bees at your home or business, Optimum Pest Pros can implement a treatment program that delivers long-lasting results. With every visit on site, we prioritize the safety of our technicians and customers, taking extreme caution when treating carpenter bees on your property. We are always happy to answer customers’ questions or concerns before, during, and after services.

As one of the most reputable pest control companies in the greater Rochester region, Optimum Pest Pros is a full-service pest and vegetation management company specializing in all types of extermination methods. Our technicians are fully insured and licensed to handle all your pest control needs, no matter how big or small.

If you have a carpenter bee infestation problem on your property, get in touch with the ant extermination experts at Optimum Pest Pros. You can reach us directly at (585) 710-2364 to schedule an appointment.