We offer personalized pest control solutions that best fit your needs and help keep your business pest free!

Food Processing Certified

Ensure peace of mind for your customers and score excellent results on your next food safety audit with our commercial pest control services in the Rochester area.

Our commercial pest control programs for Rochester area businesses stand out amongst our competitors for many reasons… We have over 10 years of experience working with restaurants, hotels, warehousing, multi-family housing, hospitals, schools/colleges, food processing, rental properties, and much more….

For Your Business

  • Monthly insect, rodent, preventative and monitoring programs available.
  • Bed bug treatment, monitoring, intake protocol, staff training.
  • Restaurant insect and rodent control and monitoring
  • Free educational seminars

We have the knowledge and equipment to meet all audit standards and provide professional control for standard pests and specialty service pests. Contact us for your Rochester area commercial pest control needs today!

Rachel Williams

Food Safety and Regulatory Specialist- PCQI-CFP
  • Certified Food protection manager through ANSI
  • PCQI certified
  • Certified in advance HACCP (Including Seafood, Meat and Poultry)
  • 2 decades of Quality Assurance and management in food manufacturing
  • Certified Advanced SQF practitioner
  • Certified in auditing of food safety systems (SQF)
  • FDA labeling certified through AIB
  • Advance internal audit certified
  • Organic and kosher Experienced
  • Certified 7F technician
  • Developing partner with AIB International for their food safety and sanitation training modules
  • On the board of directors for the New York State food Processors Association (ANYSFP)