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Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Control & Removal Service
Bed Bug



We offer a variety of options to take care of your bedbug issue. We will always recommend the service we feel will be the best for your specific scenario. We can offer conventional (chemical insecticide) treatments, Aprehend Biopesticide treatments, and Bedbug Heat Treatments. We also use other techniques in conjunction with these services to reduce and speed up your treatment time, getting you back to life without bedbugs!

Conventional Bedbug Service

This is generally a 3 part service that involves two treatments with a follow up to ensure your issue is handled.


This is a much safer “product” application. This is a biopesticide that is applied and will knock out bedbug infestations within a 10-20 day period. This service is 100% safe for humans and pets. See for more information with this product.

Bedbug Heat treatments

This specialty service allows you to eradicate bedbugs in as little as 1 day!!!! Not all companies offer this service, this requires specific equipment and knowledge that should be left to professionals only. This is our “greenest” approach to bedbug control, although we do provide residual barriers afterwards for protection of the service provided.

Heat treatments available state-wide

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